The Eugene Blair Project

"I have no regret for killing or maiming a highwayman, but I should never forgive myself for firing on an innocent man. "  ......Eugene Blair

Click Below for Wells Fargo Daddy Horse Putting Ogletree Deakins in a Hurt Locker
Wells Fargo and Company has a really long history.  One of the many famous Wells Fargo Drivers was Eugene Blair.

The risks in this age of digital money are very new.   No corporate project was ever this bold, this encompassing.

We are One People.
We are One Wells Fargo.

Our Employees and Agents are our Drivers Working in Communities Across America and the World.

The Eugene Blair Project

Courtesy of The RAND Corporation
Santa Monica, California
We Are One People.
We Are One Wells Fargo.

Progress and Prosperity Are Back
Pre Maddox  Unique Document
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Depraved activity of USA agents inflicted under rubric of Operation Sunrise. 
War is a Product of Profitable War Industries
Metaphor:  War is Manufactured in Santa Monica and Sold in Hollywood
by Andy Clark Eugene OR 541.510.3915:
Wells Fargo Management and Workers:   Situation in 2011 was so bad it required extra-ordinary actions to preserve Wells Fargo and myself.
Mission accomplished (once understood it is Beyond Delightful).  I am in need of compensation and correction of bogus public records resulting from the Project.  Please call or visit, thank you.
Somebody please tell Mr. Timmy Grochala he is definitely involved.  Click to download 2011 secure/encrypted Wells Fargo company email .pdf .
First in a long series of similar actionable studies.  Marketing 101.  Metaphor:
America Runs on 'Psych Ops'
Real.  City of Eugene Oregon Police Car Vid.
I am handcuffed after evening SWAT 'arrest'
called in by Wells Fargo/Ogletree Deakins
Real Police Audio: Cops on
street then hq (shocking)
Real Police Audio:  Securitas Child Guard Does Not Know Where he is, who I am, etc.  911
call 7.28.  "Arrest" 7.29
First Official Disclosure of The Eugene Blair Project
"Trojan Pony Emplacement" August 22, 2011
Stupid Attorneys Denied MY Motions
that Were in Favor of Wells Fargo and America
But Before That is Possible
It is necessary to compensate and correct  my damages resulting from the Project.  Call or Visit. We need to talk workout.
My only other option is to escalate Legal Warfare against all involved parties.
Eugene, Oregon
American Small Town Not Far From Where Wells Fargo was Born. 

It is where Wells Fargo is Reborn.  Dodd-Frank required us to carefully analyze our financial systems and ensure they were operating correctly.

The Eugene Blair Project led us into the public sector including police, prosecutors, and jail.  Without getting into any detail at this time, we uncovered giant problems in our justice systems and procedures. 

The problems are nation-ending
if left unresolved.  Our Project led us to immense opportunity for
Wells Fargo & Company
and in turn all of America.
It has to do with the abuse of technology and systems to harm people.

A new science is born:
  The study and remedy of System Obfuscation.
And we own it, so to speak.
It is immediate. It is important.
It is actionable.
It is new and illuminating. 

We will be profiting for generations to come as we develop and exploit our findings in a most socially beneficial way.  Wells Fargo and America
are Reborn Again and Again.

Wells Fargo does not name its Secret Operatives.  We thank each of the people and the companies who helped with the Eugene Blair Project:


Notice to Everyone who screwed me or helped someone else or sat around and did nothing while I was Ghettoized:

(Insert your fish story here.  You make up a Constructive Role that portrays YOU as Helping American Workers and Citizens.
For example, the police and all the crooked attorneys could have actually COORDINATED the project for Wells Fargo in conjunction with the Wells Fargo Chief Strategist as part of a Dodd Frank Field-Level Stress Test (or whatever). The possibilities are endless because as long as the VICTIM (me) agrees, it is normally the best way to make progress or at least not screw up everyone's current game which to me is so illegal and cruel it defies comprehension.

And yeah, you OWE ME, ok?  Awesome, thanks because the lawsuit thing is so stupid and such a waste of a perfectly great opportunity.....
given the evidence the attorney think YOU THE CLIENT are looking at.... talking to YOU Wells  Fargo.  Please...compensate your Wells Fargo Agent and "plumber" (me) and fix all the nasty public records thank you.

The Eugene Blair Project
Diary of Dodd Frank
Story of a Young Law
Real Police Audio: Cops in my home